Too Many Cats (Shi-Shi's Meow)

by Dvared97

There's too many cats in this here room;
There's no room to breathe!
No place to clean your fur,
Or take catnap in the corner peacefully
No space in the litter box to do your business
Can't even walk by without a light hiss,
With a whole array of green & yellow eyes
Watching my every move
All that damn meowing, that's why!
Rrrr...she's too fat---can't even jump on the couch!'s my milk, dammit---go drink out your own dish!
Rrrr...hiss...the tabby's with me!!
(but the tabby snubs the persian cause he fancies the siamese)
Yep, there're too many cats in here
Too damn crowded
Too much fur flyin'---so much to clean up
Can't stay in one place and behave;
Nope, just gotta piddle around and make trouble
All this noise---everyone screechin' at once
For no reason at all
I'm gonna chill on this stereo, and take a catnap
From all this nonsense...purr.

Too Many Cats (Shi-Shi's Meow) by Dvared97

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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