Magenta Slim

by Bianca V. Brown

Drowned in the slumber of my labor,
I was resurrected by a smooth, velvety,
"What's up!"
One left turn of the cheek was all it took---
One tilt stage right in my chair
And there you were...

Cut from page 42 out of a magazine
Stood the most intriguing vision I'd ever seen
So professionally distinguished in raspberry---
3 feet of space stood between us
Gold-rimmed specs complemented your panther-like
I ain't gonna lie!
I was swooned by your dulcet, "quiet storm"
chords of midnight
But it was 10:35 in the a.m.

I'm on a temporary high!
I was invisible to you, but you were sure visible to me
Ooh-wee, Slim!
I never thought you'd look that good
That sleek
Sugary sweet
Good enough to eat
What a treat!
I'd love to take a bite outta you...
Lemme take a few breaths so I can keep
my composure
From this breathtaking exposure


For 5 seconds:
You were my dream come true
As I was your spiritual boo
I liked you, you liked me
Made me your wife, I had your baby
Flew away to distant lands
Building castles in the sand
Next to my man
Hand in hand
See me on stage
Behind a podium
At a recital
Declaring my eternal love for you
You blew a kiss to me
I blew one to you...


You sung your good-byes and disappeared
Never acknowledging that I was there
In the dark corner
Bashfully peeping
Scoping you out
For 5 seconds
My heart sung a whole album
My lips whispered, "Nice suit."

Magenta Slim by Bianca V. Brown

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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