Never Let Them Know

by Berthony Poux

When white folks pry, I lie immediately 
The reaction is not accidental or knee-jerk 
But conscious and conversant 
with how much the truth hurts 
Makes me want to holla' and throw up my hands 
Curse God cause there's no fear of hell 
After living life as a Black man. 

We won't go backwards 
We can't go forwards 
We are stuck on stupid 
Refusing to put the past in its place 
Even mothers are dissin Brothers 
Because they have their fathers' face 

I won't admit our weakness 
Our freedom is still fresh 
from the tree of righteousness 
But I can't taste the sweetness 
Mental slavery still shackles my people 
Yet I front like they can't defeat us 
Broken homes mean many grow up alone 
So we run from the only medicine that can heal us 
But if we can't rely on family then whom can we trust? 

We believe everything they write 
The Black man became a sex symbol 
Now we are victims of our own hype 
Chased by women of all races 
Until they catch us 
with rape cases 
Labeled disgraces 
by our women 
Now we can never go home 
We are self destructing as I speak 
But I will never let them know 

Never Let Them Know by Berthony Poux

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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