Cleaning House With Soul

by Rachel Berry

With sadness,

I threw out NAÏVE

I emptied into the GARBAGE DUMP OF LIFE,

"HATRED" and his brothers "KILLER" and "GREEDY."

I disinfected over tired sisters "INJUSTICE " and "JEALOUSY,"

briskly mopping up spilled "PRIDE" and "ANGER,"

sprinkling out the sweet smells of "ENDURANCE" and "PERSISTENCE"

in my family RUG.

I dusted away "ENVY" and watched it become particles in the air,

overtaken with "SELF ESTEEM."

Quickly, I took down those dirty blinds of "PREJUDICE" and "IGNORANCE,"

replacing them with shades of "ACCEPTANCE" for every skin tone color of mankind.

Opening my windows up to "HONESTY" for a breath of fresh "THOUGHT" and "HOPE,"

I watched them breeze back my curtains of "DETERMINATION" and "STRENGTH,"

getting a nostril full of "HAPPINESS," while breathing in "INTELLIGENCE."

I straightened my wall plaques of "AWARENESS" and "SENSITIVITY,"

that sometimes gets slanted.

I watered my plants of "KNOWLEDGE,"

proud to see new roots sprouting.


I sprayed my Soulís House with the aroma of "PEACE" and "UNDERSTANDING."

BUT . . .

As I stand in my front door,

peering down the road to "OPPORTUNITY" and "SATISFACTION,"

I know that, though today my House is clean,

tomorrow again, I must sweep with the broom of "REPETITION."

Cleaning House With Soul by Rachel Berry

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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