What's On Your Mind

by Beautifulvoice37

It took quite some time but it is finally done-
My entire being has slowly become one-
No longer torn by the color of my skin-
I don't have to pretend or bend over backwards to fit in.
Once split in half of what I was to be- 
To white to be what I am a black queen. 
To black to be considered white, 
though of that I never dreamed. 
Life was just as that black and white with no 
shades in between.
After much self examination I determined that I am just like cream.
The two worlds that I once lived in have now come together.
I've overcome the hurdle of feeling I am worthless, 
I've overcome the stormy weather.
I am free because I see beyond the name calling and hatred.
I believe because God Promised me that through it all I can make...
Whats On Your Mind

What's On Your Mind by Beautifulvoice37

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