Smile Because it Happened...(day 2)

by Beautifulvoice3

Pain running deeper than a river,
Still, just thinking of you makes me quiver.
Wishing you would return the love I give..
Please talk to me, with out you I can't live..
What about the kisses you gave to me..
Now you are saying you want to be free..
Free to roam, and be with others..
With all that I have, why would you want another..
My beautiful smile...My walk filled with grace..
Yet you chose to look in another ones face..
All I need to do is hear your voice..
Send a note, please respond, email me your choice..
(to late it's over and)
I have made it through yet another day..
I know I can make it, no longer afraid..
Yes I miss you but now I find myself laughing..
I wont cry because it's over...
I'll just smile because it happened..

Smile Because it Happened...(day 2) by Beautifulvoice3

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