To Do List

by Mark Battelle

             todav I will send you
               the african sun

             but first my mountains
                will toy with it

         bouncing it along the green
            peaks, the virgins wool
                 lay like some

            the sun picks up speed
                and is catapulted
                 into the sky

            we'll all go inside now
                while it makes up
                    its mind

            yes I know...this sun
                 makes the same
                  journey every
                     day- but

              will it shine for you
               with the same love
               it has for donkeys
                    and camels?

            the same love it has for
            the anaconda- stretched
              out on a warm bluff
                digesting former

                   we'll see

                but now some tea
                 and a pipe of
                  sweet brown

             I am sending you this
             african sun very soon
               when the mosques

              sing "there is no
                 god but god"

             then I will send it

        across the atlantic it rolls

       burning pirates, gleaming in the
           vaulted eyes of dolphins
             and seahorse jockeys

              reach for the sky
                 you fishes

               it's noon here


            you'll be waking soon
                new orleans

             look out the window

              my sun, islams sun
               heading for your
                bible belt and

             I sent you this sun


To Do List by Mark Battelle

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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