The Grind

by Bam

I'm only 14 years old
Living in the projects
Our refridgerator's empty
No telling what mom cooks next

She'll probably go out
With one of those guys that come by here
Come back real late at night
With some beans and a 6 pack of beer

I go to school
But the teachers don't seem to care
I'm wearing run over shoes
My hommies wear Nike Air

My dad is gone
I guess this was more than he could stand
I'm tired of living like this
It's time I become the man

My boy is ballin'
He said that he'd put me on
I'll grind my ass off
Until I buy us a new home

Get some new gear
So I can play like playas play
Get a Lac or a Lex
And throw this bus pass away

Get me a down broad
And keep my honey fly
Someone to watch my back
As long as she don't get high

I need some babies
I can't have her womb polluted
Get me some workers
The same way I was recruited

If I ever get knocked
And all my dope gets took
My boo will have a stash
And put some loot on my books

If I have to do a bit
I know my mom will be find
She won't have to trick no more
Cause I got hip to the Grind

This might not sound too good
But I don't see another way
So before I grind
I'll bow my head to pray

If there's another answer
I think I've waited long enough
Lord, if you're my hommie
I wish you'd show me love

The Grind by Bam

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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