by Bam

I told her 
You are so Beautiful
She said
What do you mean by 
My mind said
Like those sunsets you see on greeting cards
Overlooking the ocean of some exotic city
Sensuous looking clouds explored by birds
And the silhouettes of people unknown
But my mouth said
Beautiful, you know
She said 
No I donít know
My mind said
Like that flower that is not a rose
It has the brightest colors seen
Trimmed with the perfect offsetting hue
Growing in the oddest place
Yet itís exactly where it should be
But my mouth said
Beautiful, you know
She said
No, I really donít know
My mind said
Like the visions I have listening to good music
The midnight sky when stars are so numerous
The moon pushes its way through illuminating every eye
The breeze is neither too warm nor too cold
The entire world is at peace with itself
But my mouth said
God has shown His greatness
In the whole of you

This is dedicated to all those dark complexioned sistas 
who never believed in their beauty. And any sista who 
needs to be told, this is one brotha who is proud and 
honored to let you know you are beautiful, amazing 
and blessed by The Best.

Beautiful by Bam

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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