Letter To A Friend

by R. Denise Baker

You stated that it would be easy to love me…
What about me do you see as lovable?
Am I that candle, radiating energy and heat
That attracts You, the moth,
To the warmth you seek?
Or is it my submissive spirit?
My basic lack of inhibitions?
Or is it the bond or connection
We have through your discernment of my essence
And my womanly intuition?

One thing I do realize is this…
I am the one drawn…
To the wisdom and intellect 
In the words you speak.
Communication on this level I have longed for,
I do seek.
And finding this in you I can't help but ponder 
on the things revealed…
And yes I wonder what else you will perceive.

I will make this admission…
I fear this can become an addiction…
Sitting here now, I want a fix…
Another injection of your wit,
Your knowledge, your wise sayings.
I now sit here, trying to study… 
Trying to ignore these cravings…
You have affected me …
Like a drug with no adverse effects,
Like a bottle of fine wine, yet no regrets.
Speak to me again, cover me with your presence,
Your essence.
Your words I feel
They reach those untouched places
And now exposed, they can heal.

Alas I say you were correct…
God did send you unto me.
For whatever purpose and for however long
I will enjoy this ride… I’m holding on.
So spin me again, my good man… spin me again…

Letter To A Friend by R. Denise Baker

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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