On the Battlefield

by Robbie Ayele

Dedicated to people of color 
who have fought anywhere in the world

Dodging for cover

as a scorching sun hovered.

Trying to keep the enemy at bay

as I brush frustrated tears away.

Sifting through the jungle,

avoiding thick wild vines 

as I watch for a sign

to attack my prey. 

All the while hoping that I will be saved

and that this battle won't

cut me off or

snuff out my life

without a chance to fight.

And yes, I'm defending my country

but Lord there has to be another way

to bring peace to the world today.


Snaking through tangled weeds, 

hate planted as a million seeds 

on a minefield of lost souls 

with stories yet untold.

Yet I forge forward, bold,

crawling along on my belly,

feeling lonely, homesick and cold.

And I'm working to control my breathing,

my chest heaving

as I realize somewhere 

a mother or wife is grieving.


Trudging through mud worms

flattened under my boots

wondering when I would have to shoot?

What about chemical or biological warfare

and the fall out effects?

Would anyone think?

Would they even dare?

Nobody really seemed to care 

about solutions to real problems, issues,

or other affairs.

Or even about amending sins. 

So I do as I'm told,

moving through the combat zone. 

staying strong so I can win

and go home.

On the Battlefield by Robbie Ayele

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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