Alabama Blue Skies

by Robbie Ayele

to sing of the pain of ages.
most of it not in the pages
of history books or most places 
you look.
but it is still there,
of a people who had much to bear
and endure even when others didn't
and as they fought and dared 
to defy hateful snares
as strange fruit hung from trees and souls lay bare.
as desperate cries touched deaf ears and mothers poured
plenty tears in the steamy cotton fields where backs had been 
seared and the dream of a hot meal be it the last produced fear.
when signs posted 'no entry' and hostile stares ran afoul.
there was no where to lay down a head in a comfy bed.
and when the struggle to be counted through the ballot died,
and the beatings endured for the right to survive.
and the only hope was to be able to vote
under Alabama's blue skies as dark clouds float.
as a people prayed they would not fail
although old jim ruled and police dogs prevailed.
they stood tall like oak trees though opression lived on city streets.
where blood flowed and congealed in the blazing summer heat.
and people prayed for justice, freedom and peace,
in the hopes of no more agonized cries of defeat.

Alabama Blue Skies by Robbie Ayele

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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