Hip Hop is Dead

by Cory T. Atherley

I want 2 hear a dope ass beat
And 2 cats battling rhymes in the streets
Pumping major heat
Block parties,
Teachers flunking yo ass 4 being tardy.
That's what I miss
Innocent schoolgirls sticking number 2 pencils in their bangs
Righteous Black men wearing African medallions and running major thangs.
Africa medallions replaced by Jacob Jeweler's platinum chains
Sadly hip hop weeps in pain.
I miss...
Fly girls cutting class popping bubblegum 
Wearing tight mini skirts and bamboo earrings
And the hardcore fellas fighting 4 her attention
Flashing their crisp white Addidas and gold chains
With hilarious pick up lines;
Bonita Applebum's her name but her booty's all the fame,
And...yo yo baby, what's yo'name?
But hip hop is now dead.
Cuz I don't wanna hear what U got that's better than me.
I wanna hear your philosophy 2 end this bling bling society.
And teach the youth higher heights
That won't corrupt their minds 4 eternity
Hip hop is dead.
Shot and killed with its corpse 
left 4 Rednecks to eat it for supper.
Caucasians who've adopted our culture
Like a white family who adopts a Black child
Where is our child known as hip hop?
Our born and bred seed of the inner city.
Where are the rappers I used to hear invade my radio
Kicking truth 4 the youth 2 be something
Not FLAUNT something.
Nomads and Prophets
Back 2 Black revolutions
Damn...why it had to come 2 this conclusion?
I miss ya'll rappers.
Who I've grown up wit'
Who started this shit
Young cocky minds need 2 shut the F up and do their history
On the hip hop kings and queens 
who came before them. 
But sadly...faded away into mystery.

Hip Hop is Dead by Cory T. Atherley

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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