Who's Fooling Who?!

by Cory T. Atherley

Dec 4, 2000

Dear Witch,

We Broke Up
From the flo' up.
Plain and Simple!
You disrespected Me
I cheated on you!
Just like you did me.
So how ya like that??
You had your fun...
What's done is done.
There are no fools in this relationship,
And I guess I ain't the one!
So that leaves you!
I'm through!

A Brothah Who Played You!

Jan 28, 2001

Dear Dog,

Done seen you TWICE cheating with my best friend!
Well..betcha didn't know huh?
When she set you up like dirt in the end!
You're not a brothah.
You're not even a MAN for all I'm concerned!
So you can do whatever,
I need back my stereo,
My cell phone,
Most of all...my respect for you,
Is through!
How can I be a fool,
When the sneakers you got on your feet,
I lend you??
Oh by the way..the rent is DUE!!

A Strong Black Woman Who Just Might Snap!

Who's Fooling Who?! by Cory T. Atherley

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