Black Man (The Positives...Part 2)

by Corey T. Atherley

Black Man

Also defines:
Protector, provider and chief
Cursed from what he was destined to be
His wounds bleed blood for empathy
And he cries aloud for sympathy
Love, passion and masculinity,
His charisma too profound for words
Backstabbed by those who know their will
He quickly unleashes his sword
The state of being, a fighter
His exterior poses angst
But on the interior is a turbulent victim
Dark like Saharan soil
Dignified in times of turmoil
He defines Black + Man 
The state of being, unacknowleged
Where has he been all your life you wonder
Starving from hunger
Hunger to want to love him
Hunger to need and want him
From the hands of America who locked him up
And threw away the key.

Black Man (The Positives...Part 2) by Corey T. Atherley

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