My Soul Cries Out For Justice

by Mumina As-Sunni

Post cards of lynchings, should have been a Federal offense
Used to show the country what to "Bar-be-cue" really meant

Post cards of weekend "picnics" some folks knew just what it meant
well! it meant to "pick-a-nigger" and was done at our expense

A selective way of picking a prime piece of meat, Black men, women
and children, used as "Sacrifice" and maybe even to eat

A precious and highly-prized "Souvenir" to be "Savored" and taken home
Burnt meat, private parts, teeth, and hair, and even black folks bones

And don't ask me about Voodoo, 'cause I don't throw dust, sticks/stones or bones
Ask them! why they do these things and feel that it's not wrong

Billie Holiday sang about the 'strange fruit' she saw swinging from a tree
And when she sang this haunting song, it was no melody

It was hard core and hitting home, it mirrored you and me
Black men, women and children, in the home of the brave and land of
the free

Did anyone think, care, or dare to believe that God would allow the world
to see, post cards horrendous in thought and deed

No shame, no guilt, no remorse of sadistic behavior being enforced

Post cards, American post cards, posting lynching feeling content 
used to show the country what to "Bar-be-cue" really meant

As thousands of men, women and children--
Celebrated these murderous events

Lynching, senseless killing, done at our expense and placed on American post cards!!!  
Do we really have good sense

Well! My soul cries out for justice--WILL AMERICA REPENT


My Soul Cries Out For Justice by Mumina As-Sunni

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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