by Mumina Bint As-Sunni

Remembering those Southern days and Southern nights
When Black women were naturally beautiful and dressed
really out of sight

Exhibiting flawless ebony, peach, and olive-black
When Black gals were the object of all mens' affection

When black pearl sistas' like Ms. Bailey sang, acted and
tore the house down
And multi-talented Ms. Diane Carroll 
Just a baby in the business then
was taking root and getting her act up off the ground

Remembering Ms. Horne, Lena 
blowing up Hollywood and taking it with "Stormy Weather"
She was show 'nuff' doing her thing
had her act together
A Black woman looking exotic like the flower of a magnolia
Why she even marched along with Dr. Martin Luther king,
Jr. and became a Civil Rights street soldier

Remembering when Black sistas' 
reigned high as royal 
When Black soldiers used them as pin-ups
When they were the girls of their dreams

Remembering Ms. Dorothy Danridge
Prima Donna
Remembering how she dominated the Hollywood
Remembering her wearing those gold hooped earrings
and skin tight skirts with 'mad' splits up the seam

Remembering Black sistas' acting dignified, struttin'
swinging and swaying their hips
Remembering Ms. Nora Belton
my mama 
she was struttin' too
wearing those red-fox stockings, nut-brown power, 
and exotic ruby red lips

Remembering her working hard to help maintain the
In the mist and scheme of things
Remembering her and all of my sexy aunts
socializing and doing their thing

To them my first role models and teachers
I give life-long love, respect, and admiration 
For them I have written this poem
out of heartfelt sincerity and dedication
Remembering them always loving and supporting 
each other
irregardless of how things seemed

Spiritually wise, talented, and gifted Black women
Southern born
African Queens

Remembering by Mumina Bint As-Sunni

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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