New World Slaughter

by Mumina As-Sunni

We are now living in a world with extreme men and women
Those having access to Ways and Means
Vipers who are mean in spirit, double-crossing, and unclean
Perverted mindless/soulless/heathens
Adorning themselves with the fetish ways of worldly/rich/whores
Drunkards and slothful hypocrites
Nurturing senseless, brutal, and dreadful acts of deprivation
Crimes hated by GOD
And lauded by Satan
Warmongers and mischief-makers
Ill-bred men and women whose little minds
Border daily on the edge of Insanity
Where the push of a button could wipe out most of humanity
Slave making grave robbing bastards
Now, negating the burial of our dead
Whose souls are left to wander about unclaimed
Slave Makers / Spirit Takers
Who have robbed us of our wealth
Leaving our people in desparation
Stranded/homeless/and shattered in mental and physical health
Wearers of the Mask of Death
Who have ruined
Mother Earth
And pretend to be recycling
While secretly plotting
To save
I ask you this?
"How can the blood flowing from the veins of the living
Be reclaimed without
S A C R I F I C E."
Innocent blood!
Shed and spilled upon the Earth
Causing the Earthly Mother to
Shiver and shake/burn/flood/and quake
While fools sit idly by engaging in their
Doomsday prophets
Full of mischief and deceit
Making fatal decisions that only the 
Ungodly and Ignorant are
Bound to R E P E A T!!!
Well, I beg to differ with these would be
To hell with their 
"New World Slaughter (Order)"
leading Blacks and other poor people to slaughter

New World Slaughter by Mumina As-Sunni

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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