Love For My Mother

by Mumina As-Sunni

I have loved you mother since my conception 
while you embraced me with affection 
as I lie quietly in your womb 
in sweet placental waters 
that protected and nourished me 
as you sought to comfort me 
as I strecthed or turned 
and you talked to me 
and sang to me 
and even read me stories 
but most of all you prayed for me 
as I lay cradled in your warm and tender womb 
you called out my name and said that you loved me 
calling me the sweetest names, 
mama's little darling, 
and sweet little sugar 
and mama's precious little sugar plum, 
and then you would sit there 
and begin to hum this sweet lullaby, 
"All Through The Night" 
as I lay in my comfort quietly 
sucking on my thumb 
and waiting for you to rub your 'tummy' yes! 
Mommy I have loved you since my conception 
and even more once I arrived 
and you kissed me and held me gently 
and then you placed me by your side 
and thanked God for giving me to you 
and then you cried and presented me to the world--
look at my beautiful little baby 
and then you began to cry again 
and I was your pride and joy has shined over me 
all the days of my life 
even in times of hardship and strife 
and Mother! 
you have always been the love of my life.  
I love you mother. 

Love For My Mother by Mumina As-Sunni

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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