Black on Black Crime: The Killing Fields

by Mumina Bint As-Sunni

We the people, here in the hood, have been chilling of late. We are smothering over a deadly fire, filled with rage, pain and suffering and hate. The killing of our brothers, self-hate, is despicable make no mistake. Some folks call it "Black on Black Crime" well white folks kill too, in fact they do it all the time. I have never ever heard them call their killings "White on White Crime

And if you say they do, I say you're lying. White folks label their crime as: Misdemeanors, Felony's, and white Collar, from minor to major based on the dollar.

White folks exist in a constant state of denial! It helps them to hold onto lies and deceit as a means of survival.

White folks go into other white folks communities in broad daylight, others sneak around in the dark raping and robbing and killing up families, all through the night. "White on White Crime" happens because they don't give a damn about killing or about dying. That is, as long as you, Blackman, don't perpetrate the crime. Kill your own as long as you don't kill mine. And then they get on television overcome with fear, and the first words they utter are, "This wasn't supposed to happen here?" Well, Where was it supposed to happen? Your guest is as good as mine! White on White Crime is simply a state of mind.

Some folks say that we're at War, that the killing fields lie at our front door. Killing is killing and dying is dying, so why not change the paradigm. Classical conditioning, believing you're a "Nigger" makes it easy for you to pull the trigger of five-hundred years of conditioning. No self-esteem, no loyalty, no community ties instead of rebuilding, you move away and hide. House niggers full of false-pride. Niggers are negative force fields of energy created on plantations, not operating on CP (colored people's) time, which causes you to lose your mind. Not knowing who you are! Niggers like to grandstand, buck dance, prance about and flash 'Bling' instead of acting like gods, goddesses and kings and queens. Triggers can cloud your vision and cause you to make all kinds of ungodly life and death decisions.

Killing another human being is a murderous act of inhumanity, bordering directly on the edge of insanity. Acting on impulse and losing your soul, losing your ability to think and maintain self-control.

Cowards shoot and kill folks, take off and run, and then go around bragging about the disgraceful deed they've done. You can run but you can't hide.

Killing your brother is FRATRICIDE. Some folks say that we're at WAR that the killing fields lie at our front door. Urban cities flooded with guns, coming up south from down south: We don't make them. Drugs: We don't grow it or produce it. Failing schools are teaching an inferior curriculum, denying slavery. You never paid me! It does nothing for our salvation, what about our over due Reparations? Poverty: No jobs. Young black Warriors locked down in penitentiaries, it should be labeled: One of the most vicious and penalizing crimes of the twenty-first century. HIV and AIDS are running rampant among our youth, because most of them don't know the truth: That they are infected and its because they aren't tested. Find a Cure somebody and correct it. Some folks don't respond to anything until something is happening to them, black folks respond to everybody and we are catching hell from the right and from the left. So stop the violence! Stop the killing! Stop the bullshit and put it on the shelf as a reminder that: In order for us to survive, we must learn to do for self. Some folks say that we're at WAR...

Black on Black Crime: The Killing Fields by Mumina Bint As-Sunni

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