Of Small Things

by Arnikka

You need to know that you're beautiful
a cross between simulation and fact
rivers and streams 
rolling from here to now
curved, simple 
you need to know they do not see your eyes
they do not see the blood coursing
beyond the vapid circle space of your limbs
into steel rope
cannot smell the manganese sooty lungs
that breathe red winter coats
new shoes 
blessed toxic
diamond glitter 
clinging to worn steel toe boots
What about your asthma?
That's what the respirator is for...
new crib
thin cotton fiber two breath spaces for oxygen
walnut brown canary
dressed in navy coveralls back pocket gashed open
disappearing into the black tar mines of 5 am darkness
when the brain is still muddy sodden with night stillness
metal odor clinging to hands that caress
that run lightly across the lips 
dance against the tips of breasts
hands that coo
hold your son aloft
that promise
everything will be good
I want to give you everything
You need to know that every tick of the metronome has been desired
savored on the edge of reason 
finally agreed to be a good thing
a what would be done without this thing
a would not change the broken concrete shattered glass among lilies thing
simple curved

Of Small Things by Arnikka

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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