Struggling CHRISTIAN

by Arlene E.

The world is full of us...
We posses conscious minds of our actions and surrounding
Conscious minds of our desire to have the Lord live in our hearts and
Our hearts in the Lord

We make ungodly decisions for personal gratification,
Then justify them by any means necessary
Ignoring HIS rules, avoiding HIS path
Totally oblivious of what lies in the aftermath
Yet, it goes on

These evil deeds intensify, as we become separated from our GOD.
Aware of our sinful endeavors, we struggle to make it valid.
But, temptation is our constant enemy

Our inner fear, our senseless greed, our desire to be excepted
Allows us to forget what and WHO is important.
The judgment from others weigh on us every day of our lives
So our yearn to be a part of... overpowers our yearn to live for...

Prayers have become almost extinct,
Spiritual aspire have become distant.
Our lives are full of heartache, disappointment and pain,
Coupled with the inability to cope

We become strung-out on material possessions
Lacking the soul connection to our GOD
Preparing ourselves for eternal disaster
Headed back to enslavement,
We the slave, Satan our master

Jehovah-GOD should be our only concern
While we must love and respect others,
Their perception of us should bear no weight
Living for GOD we must do now,
Tomorrow may be too late!

We all know what GOD expects and what is right
Toiling with the fact, that, we live as Christians by day,
And Hypocrites by night

Struggling CHRISTIAN by Arlene E.

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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