How to Love a Black Woman

by Arlene E. and Darlene E.

There is one thing YOU must comprehend
There's nothing arduous about loving black women
You must figure her out, no doubt
Accept she's someone you cannot live without

Embrace her gently; communicate with her verbally,
as well as mentally
Hold her tight, treat her right
If you do not, another man might

Make Love to her mind, not just her body
But only do so when she is ready
You must never try to control her.
When she's hurting, be there to console her.

Support her in all her endeavors
Stand by her side in all kinds of weather
Caress her, love her, and compliment her
When you do so, she'll be all yours for sure

Accepting her wishes is not desired
Understanding them are required
Appreciate her thoughts, while admiring her beauty
As her lover, her man, this is your duty

Initiate romantic evenings,
candlelight bubble baths, this will be pleasing.

Finally, protect her and respect her, in everything you do,
For she is a gift, presented just for you

        -Your only foe is to be taught, yet, still not know-

How to Love a Black Woman by Arlene E. and Darlene E.

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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