by Arlene E.

November, 1997, a casual meeting of two. Austin and Kennedy would have never expected what awaited them in the months to come. Out of sheer personal desire, Kennedy allowed herself to be available to Austin, who was already a part of a union. She allowed herself to go against what she believed in all her life, what she spoke about in her conversations and what she dreamt about in her unconscious state. She became involved with a married man. Not just involved, somewhat dedicated.

Kennedy, a twenty-something-year-old woman, was single, attractive, intelligent always pleasant and very polite, often referred to as sexy. She worked full-time and was a part-time student. She lived in a middle-class neighborhood and earned a pretty good living. She was a member of an area church and attended regularly. Seemingly, she was happy.

However, that could not have been farthest from the truth. Kennedy was involved in a lifestyle that had held her prisoner in her own mind for years. She was a part of a duo, with the ammunition to fulminate several lives into pieces. She had broken a bond that took years to develop and decades to sharpen. She was involved with a man who had ties to someone very close to her. After a three-year relationship with this man, she finally obtained the strength to terminate it, one that she had terminated within, long before she developed the strength to tell him.

Through this difficult time, she found solace in Austin, a married man. Austin, a thirty-nine year-old man, was attractive, polite as well, a father of two and known for being something of a lady's man. Austin often visited Kennedy at her 2-level condo and the affair took off like the speed of light. They became close very soon, and became intimate soon after. Initially, Kennedy felt she would only allow herself one night with this man and no more. This somehow, she was able to justify in her own mind. Also, this was exactly what Austin expected in his own mind. That, as you will soon see, was not the case.

Their first night together was everything they both had fantasized about forever. They intertwined liked fine woven cloth. Their bodies were anxious in anticipation of what awaited each of them. As they sat in the living area of Kennedy's condo, entertained by the music of R&B artist Luther Vandross, they conversed while sipping Chardonnay wine, about everything, purposely avoiding the topic of SEX. Austin, who had just completed a 10 hour shift at the office, where he was CEO, was happy to be in the company of what he considered the finest young thing since he purchased his black "98" Mercedes Benz CLK. His stomach bubbled inside every time she walked towards the stereo to switch tracks. DAMN, she's PHAT (Pretty Hot and Tempting), sure hope she offers some of that.

Just then, Kennedy asked if she could offer him anything. Shyly, Austin responded, "no, I'm fine, thanks". Kennedy responded, "I asked if you would like anything, not how you look". They both broke out into a thunderous laugh. This broke any remaining tension in the air. As they started to converse again, Austin asked, "so, Kennedy, why are you single?"

Kennedy began to explain, "well about two years ago, I was involved with a man who loved women more than he loved his woman, and I loved him more than he loved me. The imbalance caused the relationship a tremendous amount of stress and heartache. I initiated the breakup and he agreed. It was a very tough time for me, yet, he moved onto his next victim. I cried for months and ached for a least a year more. While, I am unsure of my desire to be in-love, I know I am capable of and want to be loved."

Austin responded, "I'm really sorry you had to go through that." Kennedy responded, "a year ago, I would have felt the same way, today, I have different feelings about it. I am glad I was afforded that opportunity, it allowed me to learn to love myself and my God first, then a man third, you see, then, I did not understand that."

"Is this Luther's latest hit?" Austin asked.

"Yes, Kennedy answered. "I've got to pick up a copy" said Austin. The room went silent as they both began to admire Luther's lyrics.

Kennedy and Austin, now sitting together on the loveseat of her three-piece furniture ensemble, began to caress one another's hand palm. After several minutes of massaging one another hands and fingers, Austin placed his hand on her inner thigh, closest to him. He whispered in her ear, "may I kiss you?"

Without verbally responding, Kennedy's lips met his, and opened mouth, exploring tongue, she kissed him so passionately, that Austin was instantly erect. The movement of their bodies caused them to become horizontally positioned on the loveseat. Austin's erect manhood was now pressed against Kennedy's thigh as she became very moist. Austin began to massage her breast as he complimented her, "you are so beautiful."

Kissing her, then her breast, back and forth, he removed her bra and began to lick and suck her nipples. "I'm so horny, you are making me so horny," sighed Kennedy.

"Shhhh, don't talk, just lay back and enjoy me," Austin responded. She began to remove his shirt in an effort to caress his toned muscled-bound chest bearing his college fraternity branding. Both were at their peak of excitement.

Austin raised Kennedy in his arms to remove her tennis shirt and began to caress her middle. Kennedy moaned and groaned in pleasure, yet, disbelief. Disbelief that this man had electrified her so, and she wanted him right then more than anything else. Kennedy thought to herself, "girl, enjoy him as much as you can right now, and allow him to initiate more."

Just then, Austin began to remove his pants and neatly folded and placed them on the chair. "What is he doing," Kennedy thought to herself. He joined her again and with his hand extended, asked her to follow him. Austin led Kennedy into her bedroom and laid her down on her king, cream canopy bed. Scented candles set a romantic essence in the room.

They were both exposed, as they explored one another's body. Foreplay seemed to have last forever for Kennedy; it had been months since she had been with a man. Austin reached for a condom, and gently began to make love to Kennedy kissing and caressing every inch of her body as Kennedy offered this in return. Kennedy and Austin's performance was award winning and they could have charged admission for viewing. As they both reached their climax together, they embraced each other tightly, and Austin thought to himself, "please, do not let that be the last time." Kennedy, simultaneously, thought to herself, "now I could do this SHIT everyday" They were definitely soulmates, or maybe love mates.

As they held each other tight, they drifted off into a deep sleep, dreaming about one another, initiated by the sultry sounds of Grover Washington, Jr., jazz artist and the passion-filled emotions of their lovemaking.

Kennedy, awakened the next morning by her alarm clock, turned over to find Austin had gone. He left a note stating how much he enjoyed himself and that he would call soon. Austin called Kennedy later that day at work and invited her out for cocktails at an area bar. She agreed to meet him and did. The evening ended with Kennedy heading home alone and Austin home to his wife.

For weeks and months, Kennedy and Austin spoke to one another daily and saw one another at least two times a week.

Kennedy, very much still afraid of falling in love, once again communicated this to Austin and asked that he be cautious and not fall in love with her. He responded "I'm an ex-Marine, I have total control of both my feelings and my emotions." Kennedy responded, "you have no idea how happy I am to hear that. I just do not want to be part of an unbalanced relationship again. I know I am not capable of falling in love right now." Austin responded, "thank you for being honest with me." Kennedy replied, "it's the only way I know to be."

As weeks turned into months and months into years. Austin and Kennedy grew closer and closer as friends. There appeared to be nothing the two of them could not share with one another for advice, opinion or just honest criticism as they often did. A year and a half after they met, both are still close and care for one another a lot. Austin has stated that he believes he has fallen in love with Kennedy and that his love grows daily for her. He apologized for communicating this to her as he is reminded that she feared this and hoped that it would not happen. Kennedy expressed to Austin, I want you to be honest with me as much as possible. I would have preferred that you did not fall in love with me, however, I appreciate your honesty in communicating to me that you have. Although, I'm not in love with you, I love and care for just as much.

Months later, after several conversations with herself and God, Kennedy decided being the "other" woman was no longer what she wanted, she could no longer bear the tear-down this relationship of sin, was placing on her relationship with GOD. After expressing this to Austin, she finally was strong enough to ask Austin to help her to end the affair, and he did.

Austin and Kennedy are still very good friends and communicate with one another often. Austin is still married to his wife of 5 years. He often calls area radio stations to dedicate his favorite song to Kennedy, entitled "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right".


Infidelity by Arlene E.

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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