Petty Arguments

by Anyata

I lay awake
Half the night
Wonderin how a petty argument
Turned into a fight
We yelling at each other
>From the top of our lungs
I'm hoarse
Tryin to explain
My embarrassment and hurt
Never solved anything 
The pain just gets deeper
Now i'm left 
All by lonesome 
On the family room sofa sleeper
Aint this a bitch
I just spent my grip 
On the rent, the groceries 
and the toiletries
Head hangin low
Wallowin in self pity
And mofo's keep fuckin with me
Wake up with a hangover
And leftovers lingerin from last night
Gulpin cheap wine
Cause i missed the liquor store
And damn, that was for the steak
That I cooked the night befo
Didn't really want to 
But the family gots to eat
Prepared the meat
But didn't have enough energy
To bake my Sweets
Smoked a phat one
Tryin to mellow out
Get my mind right
To go about things
A different route
But now I'm stuck
And on some funny shit
Can't even remember
How the shit got started
I can't point the finger
Cause its pointed back at me
Now I'm left with questions like
Should I leave?
Is it even worth the effort?
To give back
Or like
Can I give back?
What I never had...
People talkin to me
They got solutions for my problems
What da hell
They goin through the same things
And now all of a sudden
They problem solvers
I be hearin em 
But not listenin
Not tryin to be rude
But the shit is still 
In my system festerin
I step outside and wait
For the breeze to cool me
So I'm no longer irate
And can think clearly
And say what's exactly on my mind
Why i feel the way i do
Why it might be that time
To decide on living arrangements
And custody battles
Property ownerships 
And maybe one last
Hop in the saddle
Or maybe it's time
To get to the base
Leave this bullshit alone
And cut through to the chase
Love me unconditionally
Say Fuck it Damn
And realize
Bottom line is 
I'm a be who I be and
I am who I am....

Petty Arguments by Anyata

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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