Sistas Separated

by Antoleia Davis

Divided out by skin shades 
Accolades and escapades
While all our hearts have been slain by a
Man whose love was in vain
All felt the same menstrual pains 
Had our hair tussled in the rain
Yet we canít stick together
Too caught up in what she thought about this
Said about that
Cat fights and bickering
Our life light flickering cause 
Someoneís blowing wind or hot air
We wonít dare to stick together
Swearing she made a funny glance
Hell she might have been admiring your pants
Or your stance or
Perhaps you reminded her of a past acquaintance
Sistahood tainted
Frowning faces day to day 
Disrespectful when we lay our head
In the bed of another womanís man
Family portrait on the night stand
Canít stand to stick together
Rather stand back and make accusations
About the woman who carries herself gracefully
She canít just be confident
Labeled conceited
Canít be proud of her accomplishments
She must be bragging
Canít be driving a Lexus
Must be her manís 
Canít understand why our sistahood is so damn damaged
We all came packaged with afterbirth
All cursed with the same rights of death
All had to take baby steps before we could run
Somehow our love for black sisters of 
All shapes and all sizes and all backgrounds got lost 
And we go to any cost to not make eye contact 
When we pass on the streets or in the club
Afraid of what she may be thinking of
Or maybe she hasnít made peace with herself so the 
Thought of saying hello to someone else is scary
Can you imagine a world where
We dared to be on one accord 
How quick our world would soar
Since womenÖ
Women from the beginning of time have 
Held together life lines
Guided families 
Fought back through tragedies
Carried babies to see incarcerated daddies
Held schooling, work, and been mommyís 
All at the same time
Single-handedly raised fine children
Created meals when there was nothing in the cupboard 
Cried a river a tears and kept going-flowing-rowing
Consoled babies and fathers and mothers 
Been crutches for others in our lives 
If we tried we could own half the universe
With our minds, strong will, and determination
But weíre plagued with this false sense of security 
That causes other woman to be the enemy
We give a man more slack when heís cheating 
Than we do a woman who may accidentally
Keep her eyes on you more than two seconds
Address those sharply dressed men when we pass them by
But refuse to look a woman dead in her eye
Smile and nod or say hello 
We need to lift each other up wherever we go
Give much respect
Learn to protect our image
And stop neglecting sistahood
We need to stand for the same cause
Pause on all the trivial back stabbing drama
Stop being baby mamas and drama queens and
Pay honor to strong black woman
Start mending the rip in our lining
So that together we all can shine
Peacefully freely and in unity
In us I see absolute power and beauty
But truthfully weíre separated
And donít dare to get along

Sistas Separated by Antoleia Davis

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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