Black Love

by Anthony Lewis

Blk love?
I look to my people…
blk corpses litter the continents
landscape. Aborted bodies idly
scattered about. Iddy biddy
nigger voodoo dolls waiting 
to be resurrected……..

Blk love?
I look to my people…
young brothers & sisters, our new 
poetic prophets verbally castrate
one another. For fame?  Money?
the color of a rag?  Or, some
unwritten, territorial, tribal bullshit? 

Blk love?
I look to my people…
the physically/emotionally
bankrupt. The bible totters,
our spiritual leaders, the elderly.
Disposable like a death row inmate.

Blk love? 
perhaps, the next move would
be to find some wide hipped
sister and drown into a pool
of exasperated sweat between
her hot black thighs.

But I can’t. I am a coward. 
your everyday hypocrite.
Exploitation is my guise. TAKE!
TAKE! TAKE!! Genocide wears 
a black hood. Hate me. I hate you. 
We hate ourselves; niggas!!

Die nigga die…die. 


Black Love by Anthony Lewis

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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