Work In Progress

by Anjel

Iíve acquired the knowledge
Of someone twice my age
I speak with an urban intelligence
A sort of, inspired slang
You try to look away
but my words captivate
off the rip
I may not be as deep 
as you like it
but youíll damn sure feel it
because my rhetoric
is poignant
and so seductive
Word & Music
are so powerful
So how strong it must make me
to be given the gift of expressing both
is just a manifestation of my thoughts
and I damn sure tell it like it is
filled with much drama
and plot twists
and the sex is as real as it gets
My Songs
are filled with every fiber of my being
you canít get more emotional
they articulate everything 
Iím growing to be
Iíve acquired the ability
to strike your soul
My wordsíll make you lose control
So keep reading
Ďcuz as you can see
Iím just getting started
And youíve fallen in love
with just a few lines
I gotchu cold jonesiní
So with these skills
that I naturally possess
Youíve just witnessed
the makings
of a true artist
Do stay tuned
Things are far from done
And it ainít over
This is just a work in progress

Work In Progress by Anjel

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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