Be Delicate (With My Wounded Heart)

by Anjel

 As I sit at this desk,
I question each and every emotion
and wonder
does the new object of my affections
step to me with good intentions?
I want to tell him,
be delicate with my wounded heart
It is still very much vulnerable
and very much susceptible
to pain
Only fear holds me back,
from voicing these thoughts
which for me is uncharacteristic
Not one to sit back and be submissive
I never let the man do all the work
I always meet them at the halfway point
Itís driving me crazy,
I feel like Iím back in high school
letting this man invade my mind like this
Afraid of the end result,
looking like a fool
or coming on too strong again
and pushing his fine-ass away
His magnetic personality,
draws me in
and that scares me shitless
Falling back into this
was way, way too effortless
Too good to be true?
Should I just follow destiny,
Just let it lead the way
as is my nonchalant nature
ĎCuz the qualities of a good woman 
speak for themselves,
Iíll just hope,
that this man
who invades my thoughts
personality magnetic
makiní me fall back way, way too effortless
and do shit uncharacteristic
is scariní me shitless
and is too fine for his own damn good
will know a good woman
when he sees her.

Be Delicate (With My Wounded Heart) by Anjel

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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