If You Are Going Through A Tough Time

by Angela West

If you are going through a tough time, and you have depleted all your options, donít let the devil deceive you in your weaken state. Dont look around at your situation, he wants to distress you. Donít look within yourself at the emotions and thoughts, he wants to depress you.

LOOK TO JESUS and be at rest. Keep your focus on God. You are covered by the pillar of clouds that protects you. It shades you from the enemy. God has already provided for you a way out. Donít beat yourself up... if you messed up; God calls you righteous because of the blood of Jesus not your character.

I challenge you today to make a fool out of the devil. Cast him and his wicked angels back to hell blind, deaf and dumb. He has no authority in your life.

Remember the Lordís hand is on you and He will ensure His children are taken care of. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Ask for peace and you shall have it, ask for grace and you shall receive it. Ask for understanding and He shall reveal it. Just ask...AND believe it is already done.

Today, you have the victory. He is always available to you. Your relationship with God is your keep sake. His promises are true. He confirms them with YES & AMEN. Will you trust HIM today?

If You Are Going Through A Tough Time by Angela West

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