It's Time For The Remnant To Make A Stand

by Angela West

Remnant- a small remaining quantity of something. We are Godís people chosen for such a time as this.

I declare to surround myself with Christians who are on fire for God. People tend to become like those with whom they spend a lot of time with. Even the negative characteristics can sometimes rub off. The Bible tells us to be cautious in our choices of companions. My brothers and sisters love me so much that if I am going the wrong way, they will get me back on the narrow path.

I don't want to be the type of Christian I despised growing up, a person unsure of herself. I refuse to be lukewarm, not moved by my convictions. I believe once you lose your convictions you will be more receptive to condemnation; and there is therefore no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. I am not afraid of rejection or rebuttals, yet love correction and spiritual growth.

I will be His church, and active member of His body. Faithful and true! Holy as He is Holy. I will be quick to listen and slow to speak. I will love my neighbors as I love myself. I will not judge or gossip. I will think the word, speak the word, believe the word and live the word. I will cast my cares on the Lord so the evil one touches me not. I will renew my mind and set my thoughts on heaven. I will carefully determine what pleases the Lord. I know now, that to please Him I have to trust in who He is and the sacrifice that was slain at the cross. I am confident in the rest He has provided for me.

I will love, have joy, peace, show kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. I will not provoke my brothers and sisters, nor will I be jealous of them. I will encourage them to good works and to be strong in the faith. I will not be conceited or desiring the lust of the flesh. I will pursue direction from the spirit. I will be accountable for my actions, and walk out my salvation without doubt.

No more backsliding into my comfort zones and empty thoughts. No more running away from the plan and purpose He has set before me. I am NOT defeated I am more than a conqueror. I will walk in love and be stern yet compassionate in my rebukes.

I have a new name, "determined". I am bold and I am Remnant.

Will you join me?

It's Time For The Remnant To Make A Stand by Angela West

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