Life is About God

by Angela West

Life is about God, anything else would be uncivilized.

What is the purpose of life? It is that we should revere the all-powerful God. To revere God means to respect and stand in awe of Him because of who He is. The purpose of life starts when we get to know HIM, not what we know or how good we are. It is impossible to fulfill your God-given purpose unless you revere God and give Him first place in your life.

Revere means a deep respect or admiration for something or someone. I admire my mother. She has always been my hero. Everything about her I love and wanted to be like. She helped create my personality. But God has given me a new character. See my mother loves me like no other person. I know she would never kill one of my siblings for me or vice versa. But God sacrificed His only son for me. Now that deserves my respect. My mother is my guardian and I'm proud to have her as a member of my family. But God won my heart.

God became first place in my life in 2011. I had no clue He wanted a relationship with me. As a gentleman should, He pursued me. He made Himself known by showing me His love. No one has ever wanted me the way that He does.

At 31 years old, my life had just begun. I am 34 now, yet I feel 24. Ladies and gentlemen have you ever been in a relationship that made you feel brand new? Your life has meaning because of them. They want you to grow stronger. They allow you to be yourself. They support you in all things. That is exactly who God is to me, a life-changer, a miracle worker, a healer, my financial advisor, etc. Life without God is death. I cannot and will not live without Him. It breaks my heart to even think of such a thing. God has characteristics to relate to all people because He created us all in His image.

Ecclesiastes 2:11, But as I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaninglessólike chasing the wind. There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere.

What are you waiting for? Be loved by the best. The secret is that He admires us. We are the apples of His eyes. We are His perfect children.

If you do not know His son Jesus as your Lord and savior and you want Him to be, today is your lucky day.

Repeat after me

Father God, I thank you today for loving me. Thank you for pursing and saving me. Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins. On this day, I confess Jesus Christ as Lord of my life. I believe with all my heart that He died and rose again. Thank you for this opportunity to partner, fellowship and become intimate with you. I decide on this day to put you first place in my life. I love you and honor you. I give you all respect and glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

If you just prayed this CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the family. Now go and live on purpose and do all things to please and glorify God. All you need is a mustard seed of faith.

Life is About God by Angela West

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