by Stephanie Angelique

I long for 
the one man
who eludes
my every endeavor
towards the capitivation
of a chasm
in his spiritual core.

It is as though
my shrewd demeanor
and Judicious contemplations
have been rendered unavailing.

I have pursued
for so long
in the forest
of his emotions
that I find
that he has now
become the hound
and I the Fox.

I so want to be the prey.
he hunts to conquer
the physical passions that
I cannot surrender freely
without the Liberty
of undiminished love.

What more 
Can I relinquish
of my individuality
without prostituting
my self esteem?
How long will I languish
in this quest
for the deed to his heart
When clearly
it is not a commodity
he desires to put on the market.

So I now wave my white flag
on this battle ground
of affection and infatuation
and surrender.
Admitting defeat
in this war
for Love.

My adversary
has prevailed
and I am now
a prisoner of war.
The bed now my holding cell
and his passionate sex
my bread and water;
it is enough to keep me,
but, torture when love,
like a full course meal
is what I truly desire.

I call on the only
ally that I have left.
Not realizing that
he is also my
secret weapon
to freedom...
From a tear filled whisper
to a energizing roar
I cry out...

Untitled by Stephanie Angelique

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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