Points of Reference

by Stephanie Angelique

As we journey towards that which we are not ashamed of...seeking what is easy and light...patient and kind...hopeful and believing of all things true...we take composted anger...and needed regrets and use them as more than reasons to party pitifully...we apply them to support the thesis of our deliverance. And it is that thesis that turns into the proposal needed to dissertate the need for love in our lives.

So the last betrayed experience now becomes the first time one recognizes the bravery one possesses to engage in the prospect of intimacy

The broken relationship is now the evidence of the prior wholeness that existed...that still does exist within you and others.

The things you should have done are now the things that you are doing...and the things that they didn't do are the things that will be done...when the time comes.

And the tears of sorrow are reminders of the joy that we know is tangible when we reach out for it.

Thus, all the hurt becomes the points of reference we need to heal.

Journey on my siblings in the spirit...Journey on.

Points of Reference by Stephanie Angelique

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