Can I Trust You?

by Stephanie Angelique

While I bask in the fullness of my womanhood
Which willingly longs to be enhanced by the spiritual gift
Of your heart, I've got to ask this question...
To see if you are truly the one sent by Jehovah-tsidkenu...
The Lord Our Righteousness.
Can I trust you?

And know that it is not flesh that questions your integrity
But spirit which wants to validate the solidity of your soul
For I have shared my love for Elohim....
my love for love for self...
my love for you love for love for you...
Can I trust you?

For now it is time to share myself...
my whole self...
and I need to know that I will be respected, 
After I express my love for you with my physical being.

Can I trust...
That after you taste the sweetness of my nectar
That you will still... love me... more than the experience
Of ... Me?
Will you still be able to see me with the eyes of your heart
After I blind you with my nakid love?

Can I trust ....
That after I share my knowledge of my pleasure principles
And show you where your G spot lies
That the issue of intimidation will never grow bigger
Than your desire to love and only me?

Can I trust...
That the words you vow before God
Are more than mere words
But is the prelude to the manifestation of our love
That will be consumated in waves of orgams
That are just as righteous as prayers we pray for each other?

See I've got to know that
The word freak will not be used
To describe me outside of our sleep chamber
Because Victoria should not be the only one keeping secrets
Especially when this secret was created...
nurtured...enhanced...and stored up 
Just for you.

My security has to be strengthened
By the faith you have in your acceptance
That God sent you to find me
And in your findings you truly got
What you prayed for
The woman who will enjoy being bone who entices your bone
The womanly flesh that your masculine flesh derives pleasure from
And gives pleasure to... 

For our love is well rounded 
and does not hide behind 
the strength of our spirituality
For we know that together
The weakness of our flesh
Makes our sacred passion strong

So tell me...
Can I trust you?
I need to know... 
Because the existence of our love depends on it. 

Can I Trust You? by Stephanie Angelique

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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