True Colors

by Angela Brown

True colors, true colors, true colors 
Don't be afraid to let it show, true colors 
That's why I like it 
Ture colors, true colors, true colors 

One by one 
I count the colors, 
One by one 
Embraced by its beauty, 
Of its hues 
Of its tints 
Of its tones 
The light that shines 
Its reflection 
Of radiance 
I surrender my life 
To you. 
With each glance 
Transforming, Surrendering, Returning, 
To the womb 
Is where it all began. 
I am captivated 
By your love, your touch, your gesture 
I feel your love and desire 
With each color seen 
I begin to understand 
The value of its true colors 
And I've learned the meaning of love. 

Ture colors, true colors, true colors 

Like me, like me, my wifee got me 
My feelings are dope in how she makes it blow 
I'm jocken her vibes in how croon she flows 
I got the swag and she hooked me up 
Caught by desire, sexen her is keepen us real 
Kinda flirtatious, passion ovations 
She's down for whatever, whenever 
She's fly, I can't lie 
She's dropen it, I'm clocken it 
Haters aren't stopen it 
Im craven her flavor 
And she know it's real 
Not afraid of her sex apeal 
I see her true colors, Im loven it foreal 
That's why I like it, keepen real

True Colors by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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