Stop The Violence

by Angela Brown

Take this kiss tomorrow 
And hold it close to heart 
Never let disparity die 
Broken dreams sorrow 

Stop the Violence 
Stop the violence 
Stop the Violence 


Hold fast to promises 
That can not keep 
For a birds clipped wings 
Can not fly 
If I chose this road not taken 
Let my dream be within a dream 
To not be forgotten 

peace in the streets 
peace in the streets 
peace in the streets 

In 2016 let us heal 
We live in a country 
Streets divided by color 
Sections divided in tension 
Amongst the weak and the tired... 
Holding on, letting go of family. 
They are we who pray 
We celibate within the walls that break us 
People are dying in our streets 
When one dies it becomes every ones concern 
Not just one or two or a few. 
The building blocks behind closed prison cells 
We are trapped into to thinking trust 
Amongst neighbors, family, friends 
And the walking dead souls calls to freedom. 
The cisterns that play 
Need to be nurtured... 
Stop the crying - 
Stop the dying - 
Stop the lying - 
Nails, splinters, broken glass 
Change must come today... 
The guns of war has chained its course 
'NO More' 
For its purpose must be resolved. 
We must learn to practice what we are told 
We must fight the violence with peace. 

Teach tolerance in our schools 
Teach tolerance in the streets 
Teach tolerance in the church 
Teach tolerance to our nation 

Stop the violence 
Stop the violence 
Stop the violence 
peace on the streets

Stop The Violence by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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