My Last Goodbye

by Angela Brown

I thought I'll never come to this 
I thought I gave my heart to you 
Not like this, we come to part 
Too close, too far, the river is deep 
I thought, as far inside, in the worst way 
I'd drop in for at last, far passed, to see eye to eye 
I yearned, I learned, to hear. my last cry 
I yearned, I learned I swallowed my pride 
A blank stare, a beam of light in the night 
I held the gun close, pressed against my heart 
Broken by your image, holding me for the last time 
Our love was raw, straight up and kind 
I listened, you cheated on me for the last time 
The gun cocked, pointed, ready to die 
To kill the poisonous lies you told 
For the last time 
Oh, baby this, oh baby that 
Please baby, please. stuck in my mind 
My mind is playing trick on me 
When I gave you my heart 
For death do we part 
I cried my last cry, 
I said my last good bye 
You look me in the eye 
And tell me we're through 
And it does not me I'm played 
One shut eye, open lips, twisted toungue 
Was last hug the kiss of death 
You were all I got, got nothing left to give 
The touch of your hands 
The curve of your lips 
Your soft spoken words 
Have come to this 
The tense grip of how you hold me near 
Is the grip of hate when I pulled the trigger 
My last moan, my last sigh, my last groan 
The kiss of death, we see eye to eye 
No love don't love nobody no more

My Last Goodbye by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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