The Journey of the Soul

by Angela Brown

I need to be loved by you
I need to be loved by you like you loved me
Love is the tierony to be free
Love me like I love you, like I love me
I need to be loved by you, only you
You, me we will never be without me
I need to be loved
Like me, like you, like me, we
The irony of truth
To know you
To love me
We, trapped by needs
To hold on to
To love someone 
Somewhere love surrenders
To find, to escape, to yearn and desire
I escape your need and you want me
To rescue you, me, we
From hiding, I'm finding
You and I running
Away from being alone
Lonely hearts hurt by madness within
Crazy roads, empty paths, broken streets
Finding our lives falling backwards in time
Blinded distorted images from afar mean nothing
Can't loose these chains
Can't break these blocks
We're afraid of letting go, not knowing
I hold on
You won't let go
To live, to breathe, to die
Bitter, sweet and kind 
Tears fall from my eyes
Are the veil that heals the pain
Once from being loved by you
I don't know where this road leads
Scattered promises, broken bottles, messed up dreams, 
Rescue me with hope desire with inspiration
I aspire to find the person inside of me is free
I need you to love me and only me
I need to feel loved by you
I need you to love me

A Book 
A book is more than just a book
 One page is more than just words,
 If you open it up and take one look
 One page of wisdom imperil unfurled. 
The words are gathered in printed text 
That go beyond context behind the concept 
A hint of phrases, thoughts and references 
Making sense of circumstance. 
And if you read behind the printed diction 
You will understand the beauty behind what is written
 It is an addiction to read one word to the next,  
Building words you come close to understand 
With the gift of knowledge that expands. 

American Boxer 
Brother, I hear you whisper 
One eye open One clasped hand moving 
Against the odds of winning
 Left Jab 
Right hook 
Feet shuffle, 
Pacing lightly 
Anticipating motions 
Body shifting, 
Blocking hits 
Flying high, higher, highest 
Spread your wings 
Of cusped hands 
We pray 
Bee stinging hits 
Answering your calls 
Nobody can dance like Mahamid Ali 
Skin Deep 
How do I identify with my black skin 
Where does it end in my black skin 
I love the color of the hue of black skin 
God shown me the beauty within my skin
 I us me you became Aware of our  black skin 
Within the skin I'm in My black skin 
Where black skin became a beautiful image of the skin 
I'm in I have pride for having black skin 
I don't know where it all began 
Black skin has shown me 
Who I am My black skin
 That was all needed to be said
 Of the hue of skin I'm in 
Women became proud of their own image 
I don't know where my black skin begins 
or do I know where my black skin ends 
But I know my black skin 
Makes me proud of the skin I am in 
Being comfortable within the skin I'm in,
 I don't know where It all begins 
I don't know where it all ends 
Yea, I know I am happy with the 
Color of my skin I am in Yes, 
I love my black skin 
Aretha, Chaka, Gladys Black skin 
Billie, Mahilia, Bessie Black skin
 Josephine, Pattie, Lena Black Skin 
Maya, June, Nikki Black skin 
Marry, Beyoncé, Alicia Black skin

The Journey of the Soul by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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