It's Over

by Angela Brown

Baby, what's up with us 
Things used to be different 
Youd hold me in your arms 
And tell me sweet nothings 
Baby, what's up with this 
I kept my body tight 
You would hug my hips 
And rock me all night 
Baby, tell me what's wrong 
You used to mac me down 
And tell me I'm fine 
That you could not live without me 
You were the king of the castel 
And I was your queen 
Whose boots are you knocken now 
Your future sister? 
What is it now, you played me 
I'm not good enough 
You can't rise above your ghetto queen 
By being the man of my dreams 
But I always thought we were better than that 
This is a bridge, I dare not cross 
Don't leave me hangin in the streets 
Broken bottles, skelitons, reapers in the night 
I'm afraid of what is underneath this bridge 
We used to be real tight 
Open the window and let the light shine through 
I see you got that eye twinkle you had once 
The same look when we made love 
The dark heat caressing strokes 
Our bodies compressed as one 
I afraid of losing you 
My only one true love 
Ive come to know 
Does not choose to luv me no more 
I'm not for you 
But what do you mean? 
I cried many nights things were different 
But it is what it seems 
It is as it seems 
You told me to walk 
I left 
It's over now 
And I'm not over you

It's Over by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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