by Angela Brown

never thought it would come to this
i had it in the worst way
why i couldnt hold on
lost in a maze, i could not find my way
livin a lie, hopen things would change
it'll always be the same
i am to blame of confusion
the state of mind Im blinded
and i can not hide, what lies inside
of emptiness behind an alusion
one day, some day, any day
i wish it were different
but its always the same
i built my walls divided, i hide
feelings of seclusion, the bitter hate
a delusion, im not good enough
and things arn't no better
than before, one step closer
stepping off track, out of bounds
out my mind, not going anywhere sound
wanting to be better, always in need
no one listens anymore, cried wolf
too many times, the echo in my voice
is silence no more in the glass cieling of dispair
muddled reflections, the sintity of pain
another waisted suicide 
for whom i am to blame
but myself for wanting 
to be somebody, im not
anybody, i am nobody
and i will always be this way
ignorence for empathy
a silent sympathy of imagery
of the subconscience mind
im illin from a chemical imballence
of the mind, mental illness is no joke 

Illen by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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