What's Going Down

by Angela Brown

lonely hearts don't die 
they live to sing a song 
when they open up 
it is never over 
'till the long days are gone 
I am a factor of illusion 
Whose vision is an 
inherent mark through time. 
Quietly, I withhold 
an emotion, an intrusion 
Who has 
paced each step, 
The voice within, 
somberly calling, 
insecure thoughts 
of denial. 
An inclusion 
from compromise, 
Negating motivation... 
A state of mind. 
Allusions I am 
the mirror image of you 
You are of me 
it in my voice 
You see my actions 
of who we have become, 
My voice carries on, 
When you love someone 
Who does not love you back 
It hurts, the beast in the lyrics 
The buckle in the heart 
Morning the love I lost, 
I am the mirror image 
When love hurts 
I become an 
invisible enemy of hope, 
trust cannot hold loose sand. 
I am the image of love 
Love don't regret 
I hold emotions, 
I withhold the pain 
of being denied, love 
what once was mine 
Within the image of pain 
became loss and hurt 
My tears lie 
of broken promises, of 
Feelings come and go 
images to let go 
When you took away 
the blame, the guilt, 
When you took away 
the love, the joy, I admit 
You took away my heart. 
How many times 
must I walk out 
Before you 
call my name? 
Promise me 
To keep in touch.

What's Going Down by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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