Black Lives Matter

by Angela Brown

I am a factor of illusion 
Whose vision is an inherent mark through time. 

Quietly, I withhold an emotion of intrusion 
Whom has paced each step, silently... 

The voice within, somberly calling, 
Negating insecure thoughts of self-hate and denial. 

An inclusion from compromise, 
Negating motivation... 

A state of mind. 

I am the mirror image of discrimination. 

When opportunity opens, 
I become an invisible element of hope, 
Whose figures cannot hold loose sand. 

I am the image of discrimination. 

I cannot contain my emotions, 
I withhold the pain of being denied, 
I secure the label of reservation. 

Within the image of discrimination, 
Is a menagerie of discontent. 

My fears lie desolate of broken promises, 
Being accepted is always denied. 

You curse me with your unkind words, 
You cut me with your vulgar lies. 
You deny me from achieving my goals, 
With reasons for negating alibies. 

You take me down with your bitter ways, 
You punish me with unjust laws. 
You thwart hatred with your false accusations, 
You belittle me by misnaming government flaws. 

When you took away my right to vote, 
You did so with unjust cause. 
When you took away my right to petition, 
You took away just cause. 

Black lives matter

Black Lives Matter by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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