On Being Black

by Angela Brown

On Being Black 
As I pass by all the smears of betrayal 
As I stand you, clutch your bags in fear 
As I shop, you say I s..ll 
As I greet you, you ask if it is a con game 
As I socialize, you think I am gay 
As I test in school, you wait for me to fail 
As I interview for a job, you check my background 
As I go to the doctor, you test for drugs 
As I pray at church, you say I am not religious 
As I speak, you are in disbelief 
As I achieve, I pose a threat 
As I willfully do, you monitor my strange behavior 
As I live day by day, you call the police 
As I try my best, you show I am inferior 

On Being Black by Angela Brown

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