Four Colored Girls

by Angela Brown

I cry many tears of endearment 
Many sleepless nights

I speak loudly in anger
Bitter harsh feelings of denial

Confusion asking for respect
When emotions lost its meaning

I cry many tears of rejection
Their words speak louder than words

I whisper, I whisper, I whisper words of wisdom
A freedom of expression
Pondering in fear

I cry many years for forgiveness
I have wrongfully sinned

I pray for the strength to protect my soul
For my fate to determine its keeper

Woman’s Voice: Happiness… is joy. Being able to share laughter at your faults that 
are both embarrassing and demeaning. It means to come to realization that God made 
humans that a couple has the ability to mess up. It means to confront with each 
others insecurities to admit to your faults when you are wrong and praise glory when 
you are right. Happiness means to accept each others feelings to trust them. Happiness
means to let your fate grow as whole.

Man‘s Conscious: I wanted to confront you. It had been something I held within for 
some time. I ask why I feel alone when we are a couple. I want you to understand I 
miss the ways things went. Now, I feel hurt in my heart. You come along with a 
different personality. My child died and I feel things are different. We do not hang 
out the way we use to. We do not talk like we used to and sex is not the same. I feel 
why can’t we talk this out. If you lost all reason for what we have I must leave.

Woman’s Voice: Sadness… is silence. To allow your feelings to express anger. It is 
to feel anger is not in control. Where dramatic outburst come from the heart asking 
to be forgiven. It is the ability to cry out  outburst for forgiveness to acknowledge 
your feelings are heard. To cry is to say words you wanted to say and to feel the 
things you could not feel alone.

Man’s Conscious: Your ability to not love is my inability to trust you. How can I 
allow us to grow when we distance ourselves. I feel you do not want me to trust you 
after your child died, because, you shut me out when I am trying to cope with him 
not being around. There is a line between us, between fate and faith. If we are both 
willing to make this choice, we must both be willing to walk the distance together. 
The words we choose not to say, is what we fail in this relationship. 

Woman’s Voice: If you are the man I thought you were, the man I fell in love with, 
I need you let me to love you.

Man’s Voice: I want to be a man. I am a man. As I reach this right of passage, I need 
you to be there cheering me on as my partner in life. 

Silence…as the couple held each other and stared in each other eyes in silence.

Four Colored Girls by Angela Brown

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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