Spoken Words Of The Ocean

by Jacqueline Amos

I the ocean, rivers, seaís
I walk with the key to manís history
I shall never dye.
 I am the incubator of great men.
The creations of Human,
 Lies upon the depths of my seas.

The spirits dance a sing,
 With rejoice under the seas
I the lifeline, 
I the burial grounds of great men.

I sing the words of the warriors,
I honor the words of great Kings,
I the beginning of the Universe call earth
I the holy grounds,
I have touched, the feetís of my father, 
I the sea have purified great souls.

I the sea ordained by Godís Love
I the seaís of incubation,
 I protect life within your womb,
 I the waters of sanctuary,
 I baptize your young.
 I the sea of eternity, 
Shall never die,
 I the sea bare great fruits of love,
 I the seaí lives within thee. 
Thou shall not live,
 Without the waters of the earth.
The rain nurtures the Universe, 
The ocean speaks,
 Listen as it gives life
 I the ocean, the rivers of the Niles,
 The liberty of nations,
I open doors for them to cross.
 I am the pure of the oceans, 
And the legacy of manís foundation,
 Rivers, seas and I the ocean.

Spoken Words Of The Ocean by Jacqueline Amos

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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