A Message To A Black Son From The Ancestors Who Have Pass Lived And Gone

by Jacqueline Amos

I raise you to the heavens my son. You were a blessing from God. You are the descendant of kings and Queens. It is written in Revelations chapter 1 vs. 14. There will be many who call you a slave, and degrade you for the world to see. These are words to keep you down. But you walk with honor because God has ordained you with honor and the bible speaks of your legacy. These are words of jealousy and hate. Rise above it; you are a man of great honor and wisdom that follows in your way.

There are many who are not worthy of your name. They are those who walk with shame. No one can enslave you, only if you give up your rights. They will then take your strength. You will become the man without a soul. Be a leader and stand tall. Never walk in mans shadow, be a man of your own thoughts. Keep your eyes on the sparrow, and he will guide you though life.

Slavery is a word that will become your fate. If you don't have a mind of your own. A man who enslaves his own mind. Is a man who walks among the living dead? They have no fate. Educate your mind and live by Gods laws. Never bow down to man. It is a sin before God. The children you bare will follow after your way. They are many great men who fought for freedom, and we must continue to follow in their way. There were many who fought for freedom white and black. Judge only a person by his action and not the color of his skin. Many of your ancestors were raped and sold. This was by the evil of man who had no self worth. Never again shall this story be told. There were many who refused to be enslaved and died for that cause. A man who lives in slavery of his mind. Is a mind better of dead, than live the curse of the earth? There were many who refuse to live this curse. They were great men who had over thrown the ignorance of man. Great women like Harriet Tub man who over turns 3 wars. Her husband John Tub man who stood at her side. You are the lifeline of my foundation; I give honor to you every day. What God has ordained no man can erase. No man can take your dignity unless you give it away.

Slavery is only in the mind if you choose not to lead. 600.0000 slaves crossed the rivers for freedom and died to get a cross. There spirits will one-day return. Man needs no leaders, be a wise man and lead self. There have been many great black men seek for self. Let no man dictate your future or your fate. No man can take your dignity unless you give it away. There are many who invented great things in this life, which we live. Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Teachers, A hope chest of success. Your history has a legacy of great men. Knowledge is powerful and it will bring great wealth. This world you have entered is a battle with good and evil. Be humble and test the waters before you leap. Think before you take action the devil still seeks your dignity. Beware of the psychological lynching that man set for you. He will always try to separate you, to keep you submissive to his own self worth. Fear not life fear death.

A wise man walks with honor. And a fool utters worthless words of anger. I raise you my son to the heavens, and purify your soul, and baptize you from head to toe. Seek and you shall find my son. You a strong black man walk towards the light. And never walk through the back door. Honor the black women she is the link between the heavens and earth. Beware of those who come in her name. Respect your foundation she is your creative link. No the black women when you see her. Beware of those who come in her name. Be the eyes that man may see, the feet that he may lead, the breath when it is too hard to breathe, the shoulder that your women may lead, the laughter when the world brings you tears, the armor when the world comes short of love, the mouth peace of Godís spoken words, the leader of your foundation, that you may rear great seeds, always remember that you are a tool from God, take no glory in what you give to those on the outside, take no glory in what you do, give it to God, and let your blessings come through, You are the windows of Godís great wisdom, I leave this message that you will pass it on, to your family tree.

A Message To A Black Son From The Ancestors Who Have Pass Lived And Gone by Jacqueline Amos

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