The Dead Are Not Dead Televise A Revolution

by Ashanta

"I Am Not Dead"

Sojourner truth, Harriet Tubman,
Medgar, Malcolm X, Nat Turner,
Assata, Kwame Bilo, Angela,
and Huey, Sonny Carson, Black Panthers,
Carlos, Jessie  Owens. Many faceless brothers
and sisters. Rapp Brown,

I shall not render, the parasite posions, shall
not dictate my fate. I shall claim alone if I must,
I the warrior of my fathers house.
I do all things in the almighty name of God.

Listen to the spirit of the dead, 
the dead is not dead,
Passing from death to life.
The screaming of the winds.
God how mercy man is continuing ,
to make the same mistake.

The earth opens, the thunder shakes the world,
Listen as I speak. I am not dead,
Killed my carcass but my spirit shall not die.
Listen to the ancestors screams,
Oh thy blood, Oh thy blood.
I have given thy life for a better day.
Thy shall not go under.

Hear the screaming of the winds,
the dead are not beneath the rivers.
Those who televise a revolution,
fake as- brothers and
sisters who never knew what struggle is,
by they own right hands.

Brothers an sisters who have
died for a revolution, brothers and sisters,
hide behind the revolution,
never recognizing the brothers
and sisters who have died.
dead is not dead.

Televise  A revolution, 
is not a revolution until
the struggle becomes one. The spirit of one
generation becomes the history of the next.
Listen as they reach out tears streaming, for the love of God.
Let peace stand for the justice of us all.

The dead are not dead, the bark of the tree raises its limb,
I have seen the scars of the world, I am tired I must leave,
Thy roots live, thy spirit lives upon the history of earth,
The dead is not dead.

Hate me be me. False prophets wearing the red,
black and green. Televise the revolution.
A coward dies a thousand times,
a brave man dies once.

I am not dead the universe cries,
zombies that walk upon my palace,
Death dose not walk upon the spiritual grounds.
Hear the scream of the winds,
the dead are not beneath the rivers,
I shall not go under. 

Listen more to the words of thy God.
Dead is not dead.
The carcass that lives upon the darkness.
Is not the living just a cocoon for the spirit.
The dead is not dead.

Truth an overset of self, stand up and be counted.
Thy ancestors cry pick up the torch, let man stand strong.
Pass it on,  I am not dead, out of site out of mind.
The selfishness of a revolution, that man refuses to lead.
Cowards that live upon the earth, within the blindness of there own,
Self destruct, what effects one it shall effect another.

The dead is not dead.
The Universe Cry I am not Dead.
Faceless warriors cry I am not dead.
Mother Earth Cries I shall not die.
The Spirits of thy carcass remains upon the universe.
I am not dead.

The Dead Are Not Dead Televise A Revolution by Ashanta

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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