To Breed A Slave

by Jacqueline Amos

To take a man who refuse to lead.
Planting the seed that he is less than a man;
the toxin that flows through the blood;
And the capitation of leadership within self.
The ideologies of being a man is hard to over come; 
Only by instructions he can view self.
The deactivation comes within the family tree;
the reverse syndromes becomes the hatred
Of his own seeds. Hating the liberties
that he feels has been generated by the slave masters demands, 
Who gives liberties to the black woman are the lover.
Implanting the hatred within his own family tree; 
There would be no sense of identity,
Repression that sets the stimulation 
to incubate breaded embolisms cloned to another
Generation of slaves.

Jealousy and hate the slaughter of Jesus
The breath of horror, the holocaust of a
Dead mind. Who has no power other than?
Him self who cannot control his own mind.
The male child that is abandon by the father,
The cautious denial of his own family tree.
The issue is not color for all man feels the pain. 
The execution of family the seminary of the history 
Of the child who is rejected by the image that he represents.

The execution of the mother who follows in the realms
Of the setting of a dysfunctional anti social
Monetary disk; that is planted within the mind;
the curse thats passed on to another generation; 
the walking dead, 
Nigger syndromes the words that gives a happy thought, 
education that is Declined; 
ignorance embraced without a thought; 
Divide and conquer lived by the servants;
Within its own circle of thought;
Censorship survival has no response. 
Implanting death within the womb the pain
Of the embryo that is kill through the veins
Genocide partaken without conscious
Instant death implanted killer of self;
Concentration camp for the UN wanted
Children without futures are families;
Death to the young.
Open lynching the black man with the mask.
Colors that are worn within territory that one
must not cross; the trail of rebels that drive
by through the night, killing the colors; and
the open lynching at any course;
Revolutions sealed in a book.
Children of the dark preach
Beyond the back door.
The deletion of a family culture.
Slave blocks with women naked.
Characters without pride.
Honor no longer stands.
Churches of Satan tribe.
The breeding of a dead slave,
the living dead that breeds on.
Within the cloak of a disease that has no cure.
The assumptions of leadership without the wisdom 
Of humanity to delete the proclamation of a free mind.
The darkness that set forth another generations of destruction.

To Breed A Slave by Jacqueline Amos

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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