The Bond Between The Black Man And God

by Ashanta

I give to thee the life line, that you may grow in the Universe.
Your tribes shall carry your name, and the seed shall live on.
I give to thee the jewels women that you shall breed,
Many nations which your legacy shall live on.
I the father and the son of prophesies hear me as I speak.
Let not vanity kill your roots, as the lynching of your brothers
Shall repeat, until you my son come together as one.
Damnation shall be your legacy to come.

I have given to you great nations, the seed of the seed.
My son you continue to make the same mistake.
Be not the follower of the flock, but the leader of the sheep.
Let not the history of your pass be the  victory of the dark.
Rise upon your universe, and gather your inheritance as I
Have given to you my son. There were only one tribe of Abraham
Your children shall be lost. A banded not your seed for it is genocide
Upon your own family tree. I have given you great wealth.
As the Niles of the African voices scream within the air.
Wisdom shall be your freedom from the burning universe,
That you dwell.

Reclaim your identity that your roots will honor you with great wealth.
I never made a slave only those who continue to try to destroy
The creations of my holy turf. Rise my Prophets the world is yours
To claim.  I shall continue to send my sons until your mission is complete
Pick up the torch and lead, get up of your knees, a close mind is the destiny
that you may lead, Your legacy is written for the world to see.
Seek and you shall find great wisdom of your history.
I the father God has given you a command which you must complete.

Women is the partner that I give to thee. If you give her power she will
Take your legacy act as the prophet that I ordained to lead.
If you crawl as a worm you shall be stepped on as so.
Forget not about the women who I give to thee,
For your nations to rise upon the mountain of Calvary.
Beware of those who come in the name of women.
Thy daughter is the link between the heavens and earth.
There will be many who shall continue to curse your every move.

Remember my son we are one. Stand tall in the name of thy God.
I shall bring you through. Beware of those who come in my name.
Be not fool by the trickery of satins game.
I am you and you are me. If I die so will you.

I cry the blood that you my son reclaim your stool.
Water your roots that they may grow.
The sins shall fall upon your daughters and sons.
Remember son we are one.

The Bond Between The Black Man And God by Ashanta

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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